Medical and Sports Equipment & Services

Founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


To provide top quality products, services, and support to our customers in the field of medical, sports, services and laboratory industries that create rewarding customer experiences that build long term loyalty.

Our Products

Care Solutions has joined forces with some of the leading health care equipment and medical education providers in the world to offer the best variety of services to the local Saudi Arabian community.

Lab Equipment and Consumables

We provide highly specialized lab equipment used in molecular and cell biology labs in addition to everyday supplies including basic biochemical reagents and consumables.

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

From cutting edge technology devices to the necessary simple tools to rehabilitate and treat patients, we cover a wide range of equipment in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation.

Medical Education and Simulation

To close the gap between theory and practice, we provide the latest technology solutions in medical education to simulate real clinical situations to improve professionals’ knowledge and skills. 


We offer a comprehensive range of aesthetic dermatology and beauty machines and supplies.  Covering areas of hair technologies, face rejuvenation, body shaping and injectables with affordable solutions. 

Wound Care

Our multi product wound care portfolio allows us to help medical professionals to accelerate healing and reduce pain of patients in different applications with high quality and affordable products.

Sports Equipment

Getting regular physical activity is crucial for a better healthy life. We do our best to help people achieve this goal by providing the best possible training and sports equipment for all types of users.

Better Health Care is Our Mission

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