About Our Company

Care Solutions was founded in 2015 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by a group of professionals in the medical and business field to meet the increasing demand of Saudi Arabia’s medical market and became a leading provider of total medical solutions.

Welcome to Our Family

Our areas of expertise include physiotherapy and rehabilitation, labs equipment, wound care, dental products, hygienic construction material, ICU equipment, disposables and medical education. In addition, we offer comprehensive medical solutions including the design and implementation of complete medical facilities along with training and post implementation support.
Care Solutions has established itself, within a very short period of time – as a leader in delivering small to medium medical care solutions to the Saudi Arabia market and have made significant inroads in delivering comprehensive health care solutions to meet the ever increasing demand in this vibrant market.

Meet Our Team

Care Solutions plays a vital role in the development of the Medical Sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and will always seek to expand in its operations and to provide the best products and services to serve the growing needs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Eng. Mohammad Nassar

Regional Manager

M: + 966 5 5338 7775
T&F. + 966 1 3805 3724
P. O. Box 12731
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Email: nassar@caresolsksa.com

Hmood Alanzi

Government Relations Official

M. + 966 5 4036 3940
T&F. + 966 1 3805 3724
P. O. Box 12731
Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Email: info@caresolsksa.com

Better Health Care is Our Mission

+966 5 5338 7775

+ 966 1 3805 3724


3728 - Prince Saad Bin Abdulaziz Street

Madinat Al Umal Unit No.: 81
Ad Dammam 32253 - 7896
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia